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      Address: 7th Building,New Industrial Shangkeng Village,ChangPingTown,DongGuan City,GuangDong,China
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      Dongguan becker industrial co., LTD. Was established in June 2007, is a professional research and development production of high-end audio cable and all kinds of form a complete set of electronic converter products of private high-tech enterprises. The main products are: HDMI cable for long distances, very fine HDMI cable, HDMI hd line, HDMI to VGA switch, HDMI conversion head, HDMI hd adapter, Displayport line, Mini Displayport line, DP connector, line DVI, VGA lines, 2.0/3.0 line, USB MHL hd line. Products are mainly applied in hd 3 d home theater/smart appliances/digital/tablet/smartphone and intelligent engineering integrated wiring, etc.

      Dongguan becker industrial co., LTD. Has a group of excellent quality, very skillful workforce, major manufacturing/design team members are nearly twenty years in the industry. Existing staff 280 people, including high-tech personnel 16 people, management personnel 12 people. With the needs of the development of the company, the company in March 2014 to move in a new factory, building area of 8000 square meters. Added a laser cutting machine/uhf automatic soldering machine, automatic dispensing machine/infrared soldering machine/officers responsible for machine/swaying wire bending machine/environment/decoding machine RedMere chip technology, high and low temperature testing machine 4 k * 2 k portrait testing machines and other production and testing equipment. Rich experience in design and manufacture with modern production line, the company has a unique advantage in OEM/ODM and quality assurance. For all kinds of high-end market 。


      Dongguan becker industrial co., LTD has established and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and achieved HDMI industry association membership, and obtain a number of product patent certificate. Products in full compliance with RoHS and eu standards. Since 2008, the company continued to countries such as German/UK/Singapore international brand design and OEM services, as well as the domestic well-known enterprises such as lenovo/amphenol to provide products and services. Learn and master the more research and development and manufacturing experience, management level is improved at the same time. Easy buck domestic brand establishment in 2012, has gradually become an important leading high-end cable at home and abroad. And in 2013, private technology enterprise qualification certificate issued by the local government, which laid a foundation for further development of the company 。

      Dongguan becker industrial co., LTD will continue to be based on the intelligent transmission cable industry, design and manufacture of the safety/energy conservation and environmental protection, convenient intelligent data transmission, to assist the terminal consumers easily to greet the arrival of the era of smart home safe !

      The enterprise culture :

      Becker industrial ori ginal scene: design production safety/energy conservation and environmental protection, convenient products, do the industry's most outstanding enterprises 。

      Becker industrial mission: to create value, return staff, to give back to society 。

      The core value of becker: people-oriented, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence 。

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      TEL: +86 0769-81896520 +86 18680611505 (Wang) Fax: 0769-81896523 E-mail: wayne@elbacable.com
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